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Weirdest Thing

March 7, 2010

This is so weird that it warrants a post.

For a very long time I’ve wanted a certain kind of girl. And I might have found just that kind of girl recently. She lives in England, which kind of makes sense because I’ve never found such a girl in California.

And she’s interested in going forward in starting a relationship and talking and seeing where things go. And she’s the kind of women that would probably make a good long-term relationship and wife, a thing I have dreamed of for many years. And I find myself turning this away, saying no thanks. I was talking to her today and I wanted to explain to her why I wasn’t that interested in moving forward and I was thinking and thinking of some rational reason for my behavior, or at least some kind reasoning or experience and I couldn’t pin point it. I don’t know why I feel the way I feel. I just feel like avoiding and I don’t know why. Isn’t this what I always wanted?

I’ve been feeling this and thinking about this. Maybe I don’t want what I used to want. Maybe what I want is modified from what I wanted in the past. This is a very recent change. I really started considering this when I saw how I felt concerning this English girl. I’ve changed my mind about what I want. Maybe I’m different. Or maybe it just took actually finding and confronting the actual reality of having what I have wanted to have to see that it isn’t what I actually want and that I had just thought I wanted it.

Maybe it’s how things developed, talking to her online and discussing her coming to California and visiting me, just rubbed me wrong. Maybe the approach just turned me off for some reason.

I definitely feel a sense of commitment required in me concerning this women and that scares me. Real commitment that could actually occur. Maybe I don’t want commitment. I used to think I did.

I think I do want commitment, but I think it just has to be right. I don’t want it to feel like a burden.

What do I want. Sometimes I think I just want an attractive woman to play with and have sex with. Is that so wrong? Of course I want other things too, things change and my desires and needs change. I guess I just certainly haven’t had enough attractive women to play with and have sex with.

Attractive women are so incredibly interesting to me to the point that I think it may or could make them uncomfortable. I mean interesting like I’m just so interested in every little detail about an attractive women and I’m so attentive. I don’t know why it is so interesting but it certainly is. An attractive woman could just sit there and do nothing and I would be quite interested. My only uneasiness is that I wouldn’t want to make the girl uneasy or bored or something — oh I’m so concerned of the comfort of an attractive lady. See, now aren’t you feeling a little funny about my attitude? All I can say is that I do like being interested in things. So oh well.


What Do I Have To Offer?

February 7, 2010

It’s a good question. What do I have to offer women? Why should they be with me?

I’m not a particularly out going person. Some guys have lots of charm and talk when they first meet a girl, making a girl feel comfortable and talkative etc. I really don’t have that going for me.

I’m more of a subtle, silent type. I don’t like groups very much when it comes to women. I’m more of a one on one kind of person. I just like it being her and I. I think I tend to develop something over time with a girl. That’s why I’m untalkative at first and distant etc. Over time I develop a feeling for a girl and my communication comes from that.

I don’t always have a shining and great personality to offer a girl. In the beginning I don’t have much personality to offer. Hmm…. perhaps this is why I prefer short dates at first with a girl that I really like.

After I’ve been physical with a girl or had sex with her my charm comes on and I feel much more comfortable and happy being with her. I’m funny and silly and loving and caring. Frankly I love being me when I’m that and I know that some women cannot help but melt under my lightly teasing humor and smiles. When this really happens I know that I really have a woman and I love her. I love to love a woman, and it really brings out my personality. I’m very physical and I love to be close and touch a woman in various ways when I’m talking with her or even not talking at all, but when I’m with a woman like that it’s like I’m always talking, but it’s just with my hands and body and mind.

Other things I have to offer women:
Well I have a one bedroom apartment that is okay. I have a car and I am stable financially. I am well physically and I do not get involved with drugs or anything illegal or particularly troublesome. So I offer general stability, well being and a place to stay and transportation.

Recently my dad told me that when you marry a woman that you have to keep in mind that you are also marrying her family. I’m sure it works the other way around too. If I ever got involved enough with a woman, she would meet my family and I would have my family to offer her. And that is a real treat because my family is very loving and simply amazing and good people.

I have sex to offer a woman. Sex everyday, happily and willingly, to her vagina’s content. I have a consistent daily sex drive. Frankly it drives me nuts.

I think the main important thing I’d have to offer is a partner in living life. A team member, the team being her and I. But I’m unsure what is the main important thing or things that a good woman needs from a man. What are the best things that a man can offer a woman for her to be with him?

The main things I’d want to give are my love, smiles and laughs, sex, and a close partner in conquering life. That’s really my dream.