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A Night I Learned Something About Dancing

March 7, 2010

How many guys do you hear say that they love to dance? I thought so. Well you get it here: I love to dance!

One night I went to a dance club. And I was all dancing. I’m used to dancing to 80s music but this place had some other kinds of music. I wasn’t so used to dancing to it.

There was this one girl I noticed dancing. The song was this heavy grungy gangster rap song. Gee wiz golly. And I started watching this girl and she was amazing.

She danced, and she was perfect. Her arms were up in the air and she shook her body dancing. She wasn’t shy at all, at least when she was dancing.

She taught me how to dance to that song and I really learned something. That the music determines the style of the dance. You might have some dance which you can modify to the beat of lots of songs. But that’s a quite limited view. You can’t just move to the beat. Not only do you have to dance to the beat of the music, you also have to have the style of the music in your dance. The dance is the song in visual form. When you see the dance you should hear the music, whether it is playing or not.

And that’s what this girl did so well, she had the style of the song. She was the song and she was amazing. She’s one of those rare and unique youtube videos that you just stare at over and over again because it is just so perfect in some way. I wish that I had recorded her dancing on video, it would have gotten a million page views.

I never thought heavy gangster rap could be so good.