What Do I Have To Offer?

It’s a good question. What do I have to offer women? Why should they be with me?

I’m not a particularly out going person. Some guys have lots of charm and talk when they first meet a girl, making a girl feel comfortable and talkative etc. I really don’t have that going for me.

I’m more of a subtle, silent type. I don’t like groups very much when it comes to women. I’m more of a one on one kind of person. I just like it being her and I. I think I tend to develop something over time with a girl. That’s why I’m untalkative at first and distant etc. Over time I develop a feeling for a girl and my communication comes from that.

I don’t always have a shining and great personality to offer a girl. In the beginning I don’t have much personality to offer. Hmm…. perhaps this is why I prefer short dates at first with a girl that I really like.

After I’ve been physical with a girl or had sex with her my charm comes on and I feel much more comfortable and happy being with her. I’m funny and silly and loving and caring. Frankly I love being me when I’m that and I know that some women cannot help but melt under my lightly teasing humor and smiles. When this really happens I know that I really have a woman and I love her. I love to love a woman, and it really brings out my personality. I’m very physical and I love to be close and touch a woman in various ways when I’m talking with her or even not talking at all, but when I’m with a woman like that it’s like I’m always talking, but it’s just with my hands and body and mind.

Other things I have to offer women:
Well I have a one bedroom apartment that is okay. I have a car and I am stable financially. I am well physically and I do not get involved with drugs or anything illegal or particularly troublesome. So I offer general stability, well being and a place to stay and transportation.

Recently my dad told me that when you marry a woman that you have to keep in mind that you are also marrying her family. I’m sure it works the other way around too. If I ever got involved enough with a woman, she would meet my family and I would have my family to offer her. And that is a real treat because my family is very loving and simply amazing and good people.

I have sex to offer a woman. Sex everyday, happily and willingly, to her vagina’s content. I have a consistent daily sex drive. Frankly it drives me nuts.

I think the main important thing I’d have to offer is a partner in living life. A team member, the team being her and I. But I’m unsure what is the main important thing or things that a good woman needs from a man. What are the best things that a man can offer a woman for her to be with him?

The main things I’d want to give are my love, smiles and laughs, sex, and a close partner in conquering life. That’s really my dream.


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